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Why Choose Us

When working with us, we guarantee clear communication, as well as maintaining a fluid process, and an overall vision that will come to life through the completion of your project.

How We Work With You

During our initial meeting, we will introduce ourselves, discuss your needs, and make sure our team is the best fit for your upcoming project. We will also discuss your ideas, budget, and timeline to get a clear idea of the necessary requirements.

Once we’ve established your plan, we will proceed to provide an accurate estimate for your project. We will keep you up to date on the process as we engage professionals to ensure the process is thorough, clear, and accurate.

When your quote/estimate has been finalized, we will arrange a meeting to discuss the detailed costs. This gives you an opportunity to ask all the difficult questions and ensure all budget concerns are satisfied.

Upon acceptance of your quote, we will formalize and sign the contract documents, along with presenting a detailed timeline and process analysis. We will agree on a start date, at which point we will begin the process and ensure all the pre-construction requirements have been finalized.

Congratulations, we’re now beginning the construction process! Throughout the process, we will keep you informed as the construction of your dream home or remodel takes place. We will keep you involved to ensure that the process is running smoothly and allow us to keep ahead of any variations you may request or changes that may arise.

With any changes that need to be made along the process, we will promptly update costs, budgets, and timelines. We will keep you informed during this process so that you’re not surprised by any cost changes or time delays.

Once construction is completed, our team of professional cleaners will spotlessly clean your home. Although your home is now complete and ready for move in, we will keep in contact to attend to any minor issues that may arise.

Our Values

Your experience is the most important part of our process. To us, that means ensuring you’re completely satisfied and at ease knowing our team is aiming to do a quality job for you and your family.

In order to do that, we prioritize trust, honesty, communication, and authenticity in every part of the process.

We strongly believe that clear and effective communication is paramount, and we strive for transparency every step of the way. We act with integrity in order to prove ourselves to be open, honest, and reliable.

We will respect your time, budget, and contract agreements throughout the process. We listen and understand as to address your specific needs and goals so we can deliver above your expectations.

Our Guarantee

When you work with New Life Homes, we will provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that your new build or remodel is of utmost importance, and the quality of your project is guaranteed.

  • Quality- We have a 99-point check list to ensure that quality has a seal of approval. If we wouldn’t put it in our homes then we sure don’t want it in yours. Quality matters to us because we want the best for our customers.
  • Budget- We are big on pricing jobs right. We have a checklist that ensures items aren’t missed. We have a system to help our clients stay within budget and track their allowances.
  • Honesty- We tell our team to be honest even if it hurts. We believe in transparency because it builds trust.
  • Transparent Communication - We have a system in place that allows us to communicate with our home owners and let them know what’s going on weekly on their job. We have weekly updates and reviews on every job so our entire team knows what’s going on.
  • Team - We have spent several years cultivating a culture that has brought us individuals with high values and great attitudes. We know that if we pour into our team then there will be an overflow into our clients’ homes and our community.