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Picking the Right Paint Color

There’s many factors to consider when it comes to decorating a new space, (shape, size, windows, connecting rooms) which can make it difficult to know just the right pieces and tones to pull it all together. When it comes to picking the right paint color, there is an array of tricks and tools you can use in order to make your room as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Below are our top tips to help you pick the best possible color for your desired style.

1. Start with Inspiration 

When it comes to selecting your paint color, it’s important you first know your desired style. Do you want an elegant look? Southwestern? Modern? If you need inspiration, Pinterest is often a great place to start. Find rooms that reflect the style and pieces you already have in order to implement them cohesively.

2. Pick your Furniture First

Many people think the wall color is the first step when it comes to decorating a space, but that isn’t the case. It’s much easier to match paint to furniture and artwork you already have than to match furniture to a paint color. Pick neutral tones in order to ensure a more timeless and classic look.

3. Use Paint Swatches 

Use paint swatches to compare and contrast how different shades complement one another. Put the swatches on different places of the wall to see how light affects the tones within the swatches. Often times, different tones can be pulled from colors depending on lighting. Leave the colors there for a couple weeks to see how the light hits and different times of the day, and whether or not you feel more drawn to one color.

4. Understand Undertones

When there’s multiple colors in one space, they can play off one another and highlight different tones that may not have been noticeable beforehand. Experiment to see how different shades interact with one another. Sometimes grey can look more blue/purple depending on the shades it’s next to. Use the darkest color on the color strip to know what the true color is.

5. Put your Colors against fabrics and furniture

Undertones can also be drawn out depending on the furniture. Hold your testers up to different pieces you plan on putting in the space to see what colors best fit the furniture you already have.

6. Pick the Right Sheen

Don’t forget that a finish can completely change the style, tone, and overall look of a color. Make sure you understand the different types of sheen options available, and how sheen could possibly fix flaws in a color that didn’t go before. A few options include

Matte (Flat) – no shine at all. Perfect for rooms with little traffic, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and ceilings. 

Flat Enamel – Similar to matte, flat enamel has little shine. It is easier to clean off than matte, so may be a better choice if you have kids or pets. 

Satin Enamel – Has a bit more shine and works better in high traffic rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is easy to clean off with a damp cloth if necessary. 

Hi-Gloss Enamel – The shiniest of them all, has a glass-like finish and is best for things such as railings and furniture.

7. Compare to Other Rooms in your House

Be cohesive with your paint choices. If all of the rooms in your house are neutral and chic, bright pink may not be your best option. That’s not to say you can’t mix tones and integrate different styles, but be consistent with your choices. Don’t paint every room in your house the same color, but know your taste and stick to it!

With all of these tips in mind, you’re bound to have a well decorated and flattering space. Don’t hesitate to ask for opinions from someone you trust or a professional. At New Life Homes, we are always willing to help with even the smallest of details.